How we work

Women are dying as a result of male violence. It must stop. Women’s lives are being cut short – their control, their choice, their ability to create futures for themselves and their children. Violence against women and girls is at epidemic levels and there is much work to do.




Our vision for the next 50 years is a world where domestic abuse and violence against women and girls is not tolerated – where women and children can live in safety and free from fear. We know we deliver real change for women and girls when we deliver high quality services, drive changes in policy and legislation, and raise awareness and challenge attitudes.

Supporting those who have experienced abuse is at the core of everything we do. We mainly support women and children, but our community services also extend to men.

Our services

  • Help with housing
  • Legal help
  • Help with money
  • Protecting children
  • Government benefits
  • Domestic abuse services
  • Help with technology-facilitated abuse
  • Support for young people

Our priorities for 2022-2025

  1. Provide emergency specialist accommodation, community-based and specialist support services
  2. Deliver high quality services and set quality standards for domestic abuse services
  3. Drive policy change to ensure sustainability of domestic abuse services.
  4. Prevent violence against women and girls through awareness raising and changing harmful and pervasive societal attitudes
  5. Build partnerships to share and grow our expertise and expand our impact.


Our values